NMIXX delays debut after member gets diagnosed with COVID-19.

JYP Entertainment's next girl group, NMIXX, has postponed its debut showcase after Sullywoon tested positive for COVID19.

After NMIXX member Bae tested positive, the label announced in a statement on February 18 that the female group's upcoming debut  would be cancelled.

The event was originally scheduled for February 22 to coincide with the release of NMIXX's debut single album 'Ad Mare,' but will now take place on March 1st.

Bae had developed a sore throat on the evening of February 16, according to JYP Entertainment, and the entire group was checked using self-test kits.

The following morning, each of the seven members took a PCR test.

However, as of February 18, Bae is the only member of NMIXX who officially tested positive.

“All NMIXX members have completed their second doses of the vaccine, and all scheduled activities were carried out after checking for negative results with self-test kits beforehand,” the company wrote.

“Bae currently does not have other symptoms besides a mild fever and sore throat, and she is in self-quarantine and receiving treatment according to the guidelines of disease control authorities,” JYP Entertainment added

Meanwhile, the remaining members of NMIXX are currently undergoing self quarantine as a safety measure

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