The first stills from Yoon Shi Yoon and Bae Da Bin's "It's Beautiful Now" have been released by KBS!

“It's Beautiful Now” is about the three Lee brothers, who grew up in a generation that avoids relationships and marriages.

The sons are reluctant to marry so the elders of the family declare that they'd offer an associate flat to the son who brings home a partner within 6 months.

The middle Lee brother, Lee Hyun Jae, Played by Yoon Si-Yoon is an excellent lawyer who specializes in divorce cases.

Hyun Mi Rae, Played by Bae Da Bin is a personal shopper for the VIPs. She is Lee Hyun Jae’s client who filed for a lawsuit after being caught in a marriage fraud scheme.

Their feelings gradually hinted at something more, even though it started as a business.

“It's Beautiful Now” will take over  the slot which was previously occupied by “Young Lady and Gentlemen” in April this year.

The viewers can look forward to seeing how this pair will develop their romance!

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