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Jiminie is all set to make his K-drama OST debut! He will be singing for the upcoming drama Our Blues.

The show's creators said that each member of BTS is going to be featured in one of the show's songs.

The company announced that Jimin will be acting as an OST singer for Tvn's new drama Our Blues. The drama airs new episodes every Saturday and Sunday, for those who are wondering.

The song is yet to be named, however, it is going to be Jimin's first-ever original soundtrack for a drama.

The new K-drama is one of the most anticipated shows of this summer because of its star cast.

'Our Blues' is a family drama that follows the bittersweet lives of individuals living on Jeju Island, South Korea.

Wondering when the K-drama is releasing? Well, it is coming out on April 9th. The opening credits will be sung by Jimin.

Jimin is one of the latest members of BTS to contribute to a K-drama OST besides other members like Taehyung.

In other news, BTS wrapped up their three-night concert series last night. It is a record-breaking series called 'BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE- IN SEOUL'

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