BTS Jimin Is Afraid To Use Instagram : Here's Why


Jimin created his Instagram account on 6 December.  

Jimin has 32.5 million Instagram followers


Recently, BTS member Jimin revealed that he's afraid of using his Instagram account as he talked about being inactive on Instagram.

It was recently revealed that the reason why he doesn't use Instagram is because he's scared that he might press something wrong and he can't go on it.  

Reacting to  this news, BTS's main leader Kim Nam-Joon encouraged his fellow BTS member Jimin to post something on his Instagram.

Nam - Joon even suggested that Jimin should post a story on his Instagram. 

Even Jimin's fellow BTS member J - Hope encouraged him to post something on his Instagram

By feeling the encouragement  of his fellow team members, Jimin finally said that he will post something today.

Jimin finally posted a picture of himself and his fans were very delighted to see that he posted something on his Instagram after so long.