Rep. Mikie Sherrill Urges President Biden to Step Aside for 2024, Citing High Stakes of Another Trump Presidency

Rep. Mikie Sherrill
Rep. Mikie Sherrill

New Jersey Representative Mikie Sherrill has publicly called for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race. Sherrill acknowledged Biden and his team’s dedication to public service and the country’s best interests but believes that Biden should step aside to allow a new nominee to emerge.

She expressed confidence that Biden cares deeply about the nation’s future and urged him to lead the party through the process of selecting a new candidate.

Sherrill is the seventh House Democrat to request Biden’s withdrawal from the race. She praised Biden’s achievements as president but cited the dangers of a potential Trump presidency as a significant factor in her decision.

Sherrill highlighted the recent Supreme Court decision that she believes grants excessive power to the President, amplifying the stakes and threats of another Trump administration, which she feels are too severe to ignore.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Sherrill, who has four children, emphasized the risks to their rights under a Trump presidency, reinforcing her call for Biden to step down. Her decision reflects growing anxiety within the party about Biden’s ability to win re-election against Trump. Sherrill’s stance underscores the urgency some Democrats feel in finding a candidate who can secure a victory in the 2024 election.

A key figure in foreign policy and defense, Sherrill flipped a GOP-held seat in 2018 and has since been influential in the Democratic Party. She was part of a national security-focused group that played a pivotal role in the first impeachment of then-President Trump in 2019. Her call for Biden to step aside adds significant weight given her background and previous impact on national politics.

Despite efforts from the White House to alleviate concerns about Biden’s candidacy, a recent Democratic caucus meeting ended without consensus on the issue.

The in-person meeting, the first since Biden’s contentious debate performance, highlighted the ongoing division within the party. As Democrats grapple with the best path forward, Sherrill’s statement signals a critical moment of introspection and strategy for the party ahead of the next presidential election.

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