Megyn Kelly Criticizes Jill Biden as “Power Hungry” Amid President Biden’s 2024 Campaign

Jill Biden
Jill Biden

Megyn Kelly has criticized First Lady Jill Biden, describing her as “power hungry” amid President Joe Biden’s continued efforts to remain in the 2024 presidential race despite a poor debate performance.

Kelly’s comments came during an appearance on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” where she accused Jill Biden of seeking self-promotion and a “shadow presidency” given her husband’s perceived frailty.

The First Lady has been a strong advocate for President Biden to stay in the race, despite concerns raised by his recent debate performance, which reignited worries about his age and capability to serve another term. In a Vogue magazine interview, Jill Biden emphasized that the family would not let the debate define Biden’s presidency and expressed their determination to continue fighting.

Megyn Kelly Criticizes Jill Biden as "Power Hungry" Amid President Biden's 2024 Campaign
Megyn Kelly Criticizes Jill Biden as “Power Hungry” Amid President Biden’s 2024 Campaign

Despite growing calls from within the Democratic Party for Biden to step aside, he has vowed to remain in the race. Kelly criticized Jill Biden’s presence on the cover of Vogue and her previous social media posts that implied a more significant political role, arguing that these actions reflect her desire for power and public recognition.

Kelly also took issue with Jill Biden’s insistence on being called “Dr. Jill Biden,” suggesting that it indicates a need for external validation. She contrasted this with her own father’s humility despite holding a similar academic degree. According to Kelly, Jill Biden’s demand for this title is symptomatic of a “small, fractured ego.”

Furthermore, Kelly criticized a video of Jill Biden guiding the President off the debate stage, likening it to a mother leading a toddler, and commented on how Jill Biden praised her husband post-debate in a manner Kelly found condescending.

These actions, Kelly argued, reveal Jill Biden’s awareness of her husband’s vulnerabilities and her aspirations for a more substantial political role. Newsweek has reached out to Jill Biden for a response to these claims.

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