Texas Attorney General’s Actions Against Annunciation House: Upholding Civil Liberties and Religious Freedom

Attorney General Paxton
Attorney General Paxton

In a recent ruling by an El Paso district court judge, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was found to have violated the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in his actions against Annunciation House, a network of nonprofit Catholic migrant shelters.

The judge, Francisco Dominguez, concluded that Paxton’s demands for documents from Annunciation House were pretextual, aimed at harassing both the organization’s employees and the refugees it serves.

This legal battle began when Paxton’s office visited Annunciation House and requested extensive documentation, including personal details about its clients, prompting the nonprofit to seek a restraining order against the attorney general.

In response to Paxton’s aggressive legal actions, which also included attempts to shut down the shelters, Annunciation House filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of these measures. Paxton’s office defended its actions by alleging that Annunciation House was involved in activities like facilitating illegal entry into the U.S. and human smuggling.

Similar legal pressures were applied to other nonprofits supporting migrants, including Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, led by Sister Norma Pimentel, a prominent figure recognized for her humanitarian work.

Attorney General Paxton
Attorney General Paxton

Judge Dominguez’s rulings were significant: first, allowing Annunciation House to contest future subpoenas from Paxton, and second, denying Paxton’s attempt to close down the shelter.

Dominguez criticized Paxton’s legal strategy, arguing that it infringed upon religious freedom rights protected by the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act and unnecessarily burdened Annunciation House.

This case drew widespread attention and condemnation from various quarters. El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz condemned Paxton’s actions as a violation of religious liberty and emphasized the crucial role of faith communities in addressing migration challenges with compassion.

Leaders and advocates, including Dylan Corbett of the Hope Border Institute, echoed concerns over Paxton’s misuse of legal authority and praised the resilience of communities like Annunciation House in the face of such challenges.

Looking ahead, while Paxton may appeal the rulings, the judge’s decisions underscore a broader debate over the proper balance between law enforcement actions and the protection of civil liberties, particularly in the context of humanitarian aid and religious freedoms along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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