Brian Ortega Addresses Withdrawal from UFC 303 Due to Health Issues

Brian Ortega
Brian Ortega (UFC)

Brian Ortega recently addressed the events surrounding UFC 303, where he was slated to fight Diego Lopes in the co-main event. Originally stepping in on short notice, Ortega underwent all required media activities leading up to the event.

However, just hours before weigh-ins, he requested to change the bout to a lightweight contest, which was agreed upon by Lopes and the UFC. Ortega successfully weighed in at 155 pounds but was unable to compete on fight night due to illness, ultimately withdrawing from the bout. Dan Ige stepped in as his replacement.

In a statement shared on Instagram, Ortega provided insight into his condition during fight week. He expressed gratitude to his supporters and explained that he began feeling unwell, initially attributing it to the effects of weight cutting.

Brian Ortega
Brian Ortega (UFC)

Despite starting at 178 pounds when he accepted the fight on short notice, he struggled to drop weight due to a fever, ultimately being unable to shed the final pounds safely. The decision was made to move the fight’s weight limit to 155 pounds to accommodate his health concerns.

Ortega recounted his discomfort persisting even after rehydration, experiencing cold sweats and sleeplessness. By Saturday morning, his condition deteriorated further, preventing him from keeping down food or water.

He acknowledged grappling with his desire to fight versus the risks to his health, ultimately choosing to withdraw from the bout after consulting with his team.

He extended respect to his opponent, Diego Lopes, and expressed his intention to resolve the situation with the UFC and ensure fairness to Lopes. Ortega concluded his statement by thanking his supporters, the UFC, and its leadership for their understanding and support during this challenging time.

Brian Ortega’s withdrawal from UFC 303 was due to a severe illness that hindered his ability to compete safely, despite his efforts to participate on short notice. His decision prioritized his health and safety, reflecting his commitment to delivering his best performances in the future.

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