Jack Posobiec on ‘Human Events Daily’: ‘Free Bannon,’ Trump’s Sentencing Delay, and the Political Battle for Power

Jack Posobiec on 'Human Events Daily': 'Free Bannon,' Trump's Sentencing Delay, and the Political Battle for Power

On a recent episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec wore a “Free Bannon” shirt and commented on the delay of Donald Trump’s sentencing by 125 days. Posobiec criticized the left for prioritizing power and accused the right of being overly concerned with rules.

He connected this delay to the Supreme Court’s ruling on immunity, which allows the postponement of Trump’s sentencing until after the Republican National Convention, attributing this to the left’s strategy of creating chaos.

Posobiec referred to the recent presidential debate between Joe Biden and Trump, suggesting it highlighted Biden’s declining mental fitness and led to increased agitation among Democrats. He urged his audience to remain vigilant, emphasizing that the current political climate is marked by heightened tensions and strategic maneuvering.

Jack Posobiec on ‘Human Events Daily’: ‘Free Bannon,’ Trump’s Sentencing Delay, and the Political Battle for Power

The host argued that despite the left’s criticisms of Trump’s presidential powers, Biden has exercised significant authority, particularly concerning immigration policies at the southern border. Posobiec highlighted this as an example of the left’s hypocrisy, contrasting it with the right’s adherence to principles and rules.

Posobiec expressed frustration with the Republicans’ belief in winning through principled conduct, pointing out that without power, their ideals cannot be realized. He suggested that the Democrats, recognizing their lack of control over the Supreme Court, are motivated to change the balance of power by potentially adding more justices if they win the upcoming election.

Finally, Posobiec predicted that a Democratic victory in November would lead to an attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court with additional justices, appealing to voters who are hesitant to support Biden. He indicated that this strategy aims to diminish conservative influence and consolidate power within the judiciary, reflecting the broader political struggle for control over key institutions.

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