Black Magic Allegations Rock Maldivian Government: Top Officials Arrested

Government officials in Maldives accused of performing ‘black magic’ against president: report

A number of government officials in the Maldives have been accused of “black magic” against President Mohamed Muizzu. Among those arrested in June were Fathima Shamnaz Ali Saleem, the now-former environment minister, and her ex-husband Adam Rameez, who worked in Muizzu’s office. This arrest followed a police investigation into the alleged activities of these officials.

The Maldives is a strictly Muslim nation with laws deeply rooted in the Quran. While practicing black magic is not explicitly a criminal offense under the penal code, Sharia law, which influences the legal system, mandates punishment for such practices. This legal framework underscores the severity with which the nation views acts considered to be sorcery.

On June 23, Ali and Rameez, along with two other individuals, were taken into custody and quickly removed from their government positions. The details of their alleged crimes and the evidence that led authorities to believe they were practicing black magic remain unclear. This lack of transparency has left many questions unanswered regarding the nature of their activities and the investigation process.

Black Magic Allegations Rock Maldivian Government Top Officials Arrested
Black Magic Allegations Rock Maldivian Government Top Officials Arrested

The Maldives has a history of arrests related to black magic. In April 2023, a 62-year-old woman was murdered by her neighbors, who believed she was performing sorcery. In another incident eleven years prior, opposition party organizers were accused of using a “cursed rooster” during a police raid. These incidents highlight the ongoing presence of belief in and fear of black magic within the country.

A report from the US State Department outlines the strict religious regulations in the Maldives. It is illegal to propagate any religion other than Islam, with severe penalties including imprisonment, house arrest, and deportation for foreigners. Non-Muslims in the country are prohibited from openly expressing their beliefs or conducting religious activities. These stringent laws reflect the Maldives’ commitment to maintaining Islamic orthodoxy and suppressing any forms of religious deviation or perceived sorcery.

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