Rey Mysterio delays WWE Debut Due to WCW Contract, Overcomes Size Concerns for Successful Career

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio (WWE)

When WCW closed in March 2001, WWE became the dominant force in professional wrestling, leading to a flood of top talent becoming free agents. Among these stars was Rey Mysterio, who performed on the last episode of “WCW Monday Nitro.”

However, unlike peers such as DDP, Booker T, and Lance Storm, Mysterio did not immediately sign with WWE, only joining the company in mid-2002.

In a recent interview on the “Insight” podcast, Mysterio revealed that his delayed WWE debut was due to his ongoing contract with WCW and concerns over his size.

He explained that his WCW contract continued to pay him well after the company was bought out, leading WWE to advise him to enjoy the remaining contract period before negotiating a new deal. Mysterio initially interpreted this advice as a sign of disinterest, especially given the prevalent belief that he was too small for WWE.

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio (WWE)

Mysterio shared that he felt uncertain about his future with WWE despite seeing fellow WCW stars like Chris Jericho and The Radicalz find success after moving to WWE. He hoped to eventually join them, even though his size was a significant concern. WWE’s suggestion to wait until his WCW contract expires seemed to confirm his fears that the company was not interested in him.

However, Mysterio’s concerns proved unfounded when WWE followed through on their word. In mid-2002, after his WCW contract expired, Jim Ross contacted him to negotiate a new deal. This call marked the beginning of Mysterio’s successful WWE career, as he finally got the opportunity to showcase his talents on a larger stage.

Mysterio’s eventual WWE debut demonstrated the company’s commitment to bringing him on board despite initial reservations. His story highlights the uncertainty and challenges faced by many wrestlers during the transition period following WCW’s closure, as well as the perseverance required to overcome doubts and achieve success in the professional wrestling industry.

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