Indian-Origin Man In UK Allegedly Incited Communities In Manipur, Case Filed

Uday Reddy
Uday Reddy

An Indian-origin man, Uday Reddy, who teaches Computer Science at the University of Birmingham in the UK, has been accused of inciting ethnic violence in Manipur, India, through his online messages and talk sessions on social media.

A police complaint filed in Imphal alleges that Reddy has been promoting enmity between communities on religious grounds and might be connected to Khalistani elements in Canada. The FIR claims that Reddy’s actions are intentionally malicious, aiming to create tension among different communities in the violence-stricken region.

According to the FIR, Uday Reddy has been using social media platforms to insult Meitei’s religious beliefs and direct people on how to cause trouble against law enforcement in Manipur. His social media account on X (formerly Twitter) has been withheld in India due to a legal demand.

The complainant argues that Reddy’s activities constitute anti-national behavior and challenge India’s integrity and sovereignty, suggesting that his actions fall under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Uday Reddy
Uday Reddy

The FIR also mentions the possibility of Reddy’s connections with Khalistani groups in Canada and narco-terrorist groups, urging an investigation into his call records and financial activities.

The complainant has requested Indian authorities to inform the University of Birmingham about Reddy’s alleged criminal activities and to issue a lookout circular (LOC) to monitor his entry and exit from India, preventing him from leaving the country if needed.

This incident follows a pattern of social media accounts of professors abroad being withheld in India over legal demands, including that of Ashok Swain, a Sweden-based professor critical of Indian government policies.

The FIR against Reddy is part of a broader context of a narrative battle on social media, which has intensified since ethnic violence erupted in Manipur in May 2023 between the Meitei community and various Kuki tribes.

The issue of online disinformation has been a growing concern, highlighted by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, who warned about the dangers of organized disinformation campaigns and troll armies on social media.

At a lecture in December 2023, Chief Justice Chandrachud emphasized that these activities distort the truth and pose a significant threat to the freedom of speech and expression, traditionally seen as a cornerstone of civil rights activism.

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