Donovan Dijak’s WWE Departure Sparks Indie Comeback at Roseland 9

Donovan Dijak
Donovan Dijak (WWE)

Donovan Dijak’s tenure with WWE officially concluded on June 28, marking the end of his contract with the company. This news came shortly after WWE decided not to renew his contract, making him a free agent in the wrestling world once more.

Now, with no non-compete clause holding him back, Dijak is free to explore opportunities globally, and offers from various wrestling promotions have already started pouring in.

One of the first announcements post-WWE is Dijak’s return to the indie scene under his former name, Donovan Dijak. He is set to appear at the Roseland 9 event in Portland, Oregon on September 29, which is a collaborative effort by Prestige Wrestling, West Coast Pro, and Deadlock Pro Wrestling.

This event marks the beginning of a strategic partnership among these companies, aimed at delivering top-tier independent wrestling experiences to fans.

Donovan Dijak
Donovan Dijak (WWE)

The partnership kicks off with the Untouchable event on July 20, featuring notable talents like Shelton Benjamin, Robbie Eagles from NJPW, and Alan Angels, formerly of AEW. Dijak’s inclusion in the Roseland 9 lineup underscores his immediate return to active competition and his eagerness to reconnect with his fan base outside the WWE universe.

In a statement following his departure from WWE, Dijak expressed gratitude to his supporters during what he described as a challenging period. The announcement of his upcoming indie appearance signals his readiness to make a significant impact in the wrestling world once again.

With his newfound freedom, Dijak’s availability has sparked considerable anticipation among fans and industry insiders alike, setting the stage for what could be a dynamic phase in his career.

As Dijak prepares for his indie comeback and evaluates future opportunities, his presence at Roseland 9 stands as an initial step in what promises to be an intriguing chapter for the talented wrestler. His journey beyond WWE begins with renewed enthusiasm and a determination to leave a lasting impression on the wrestling landscape.

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