Victoria: From Fitness Instructor to Wrestling Icon – A Storied Career in the Squared Circle

Victoria (WWE)

Lisa Marie Varon, known to wrestling fans as Victoria, carved out a storied career in professional wrestling spanning multiple decades and promotions. Her journey began unexpectedly, pivoting from a path in biology and medicine towards the squared circle.

Originally a cheerleader at the NFL Pro Bowl and a fitness instructor in Los Angeles, Varon’s fateful encounter with wrestling icon Chyna at a gym would change her life forever. Encouraged by Chyna, Varon pursued a career in wrestling, sending a self-made video showcasing her athleticism and determination to the WWF (now WWE).

Her debut in WWE marked the beginning of her transformation into Victoria, a fierce and villainous persona that would define her in-ring character for years to come.

She quickly rose to prominence, engaging in notable feuds with prominent figures like Trish Stratus, whom she famously defeated for her first WWE Women’s Championship in a hardcore match at Survivor Series. This victory cemented her place as a dominant force in women’s wrestling during the early 2000s Attitude Era.

Victoria (WWE)

Victoria’s success wasn’t confined to WWE alone. She later joined TNA (now Impact Wrestling), where under the ring name “Tara,” she continued to excel, capturing the Knockouts Championship five times and the Knockouts Tag Team Championship once. Her achievements in TNA added further accolades to her already impressive resume, solidifying her status as one of the most accomplished women in the industry.

Despite her contributions and accolades, Victoria’s relationship with WWE has had its ups and downs. While recognized as one of the top female wrestlers of all time by the company, she expressed frustrations with her treatment backstage during her return for the Women’s Royal Rumble in 2021.

Despite this, her impact on women’s wrestling remains undeniable, leading to her induction into the Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2024.

Beyond her active wrestling career, Victoria has shown a keen interest in advancing the industry, particularly through AEW (All Elite Wrestling), where she aims to mentor and train emerging talent.

Her deep passion for wrestling and her wealth of experience positions her as a valuable resource for any organization seeking to expand and innovate within the professional wrestling landscape. Victoria’s transition from fitness instructor to revered wrestling figure underscores her resilience and unwavering drive to thrive in a traditionally male-dominated field, thereby shaping a lasting legacy in the annals of women’s wrestling.

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