Donovan Dijak to Depart WWE, Eyes Future Opportunities in Wrestling

Donovan Dijak
Donovan Dijak (WWE)

Donovan Dijak, a WWE performer, revealed today that his contract with the company will expire tomorrow, and WWE has decided not to renew it. This announcement has prompted Dijak to make himself available for bookings elsewhere. Tommy Dreamer, speaking on “Busted Open Radio,” expressed optimism about Dijak’s future prospects despite the news.

Dreamer praised Dijak’s talent and physical abilities, emphasizing his potential for success outside WWE. Dijak had a promising start in NXT but faced setbacks upon moving to the main roster in 2020 as part of the faction Retribution, which later dissolved. Despite returning to NXT and showcasing strong performances, Dijak struggled to gain momentum after a recent move to “WWE Raw.”

Donovan Dijak
Donovan Dijak (WWE)

Dreamer highlighted Dijak’s background, noting his success in the independent circuit and Ring of Honor before joining WWE. He believes Dijak already possesses the skills and look needed to thrive in other promotions, suggesting that AEW or TNA could be potential landing spots for him.

In his social media announcement, Dijak hinted at potential interest in joining TNA, as he tagged Tommy Dreamer, who is closely involved in TNA’s creative process. Dreamer’s comments and Dijak’s tag suggest a mutual interest in exploring opportunities with the promotion.

Despite WWE’s decision not to renew his contract, Dijak’s departure has sparked discussions about his potential to make a significant impact elsewhere in the wrestling world. With support from figures like Tommy Dreamer and a strong resume from his time in NXT and beyond, Dijak appears poised to continue his career with renewed determination and opportunities outside WWE.

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