Tony Schiavone Discusses AEW’s Approach Amid WWE’s Actions

Tony Schiavone
Tony Schiavone (WWE)

Tony Schiavone, commentator for AEW, has offered his perspective on the perceived competition between AEW and WWE, emphasizing that he does not view WWE’s actions as directly affecting AEW.

In a recent podcast appearance, Schiavone expressed that he does not follow WWE’s current on-screen product, asserting that what WWE does does not impact him personally. He downplayed the idea of a direct war between the two promotions, contrasting it with the intense rivalry between WCW and WWE during the ’90s.

Schiavone pointed out a significant shift in the landscape compared to the “Monday Night War” era, noting that WWE’s move to Netflix for “WWE Raw” will alter how success is measured, as traditional TV ratings will become less relevant.

He stressed the importance of focusing on AEW’s own product rather than being preoccupied with what WWE is doing, echoing a sentiment reminiscent of his favorite baseball commentator, Vin Scully, who avoided listening to other announcers to maintain his unique style.

Tony Schiavone
Tony Schiavone (WWE)

Having been a prominent voice for AEW since its inception in 2019, Schiavone draws from his extensive experience in wrestling broadcasting, including over a decade with WCW and a brief stint with WWE in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

His remarks reflect a personal philosophy of concentrating on delivering quality content for AEW viewers rather than engaging in direct rivalry or comparisons with WWE.

Schiavone’s perspective underscores a nuanced view of competition in the wrestling industry today, where while both AEW and WWE vie for viewership and attention, he sees greater value in focusing internally on AEW’s growth and success rather than being fixated on external measures or rivalries.

His stance reflects a maturity and a focus on sustainable, long-term success for AEW in the evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

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