Mandy Rose Reveals Favorite WWE Opponent: Asuka, Praising Her Skill and Memorable Matches

Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose (WWE)

Former WWE star Mandy Rose revealed her favorite opponent during an episode of her show “Power Alphas with Mandy & Sabby,” citing Asuka, a former WWE Women’s Champion, as the standout.

Rose expressed admiration for Asuka’s skill and experience, describing her as someone who consistently brought out the best in her. Despite occasional language barriers, Rose highlighted how wrestling Asuka often led to some of her most memorable matches due to Asuka’s dynamic energy and rapid pace.

Rose’s connection with Asuka dates back to one of her earliest matches in WWE, which was a tag team bout alongside encounters in championship matches across singles and tag team divisions.

Asuka (WWE)

Their extensive collaboration included a series of house show matches in 2019 centered around the “WWE SmackDown” Women’s Championship, showcasing their compatibility and competitive spirit in the ring.

Entering WWE through the 2015 Tough Enough competition, where she finished as the runner-up and secured a five-year contract, Rose’s career trajectory included capturing the NXT Women’s Championship.

Her reign of 413 days with the title stands as a testament to her prowess and resilience within the WWE landscape, underscoring her journey from newcomer to a formidable competitor.

In reflecting on her career and notable opponents, Rose’s endorsement of Asuka underscores the mutual respect and chemistry they shared in the ring. Asuka’s influence on Rose’s development as a wrestler is evident, as she credits the Japanese star for pushing her limits and enhancing her performances, making their matches a highlight of her WWE tenure.

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