Mandy Rose Weighs in on Otis’ New WWE Storyline with Maxxine Dupri

Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose Weighs in on Otis' New WWE Storyline with Maxxine Dupri

In recent months, WWE wrestler Otis has been part of a storyline where he might betray his current mentor, Chad Gable, from the Alpha Academy. The storyline also involves Maxxine Dupri, sparking rumors of a romance between her and Otis, similar to Otis’ past storyline with Mandy Rose.

Mandy Rose recently addressed these comparisons on her podcast “Power Alphas,” noting the evident similarities between the current storyline involving Otis and Maxxine and her past storyline with Otis.

She pointed out a specific instance from the Clash at the Castle event where Otis picked up Maxxine in a manner similar to how he used to pick her up, acknowledging that the parallel has not gone unnoticed by the audience.

Mandy Rose Weighs in on Otis’ New WWE Storyline with Maxxine Dupri

Reflecting on her own storyline with Otis, Rose praised their angle as one of the greatest in WWE history. However, she lamented that the culmination of their storyline occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant key moments, such as a significant kiss, took place without a live audience, losing the electric reaction that would have been generated by the fans.

Since leaving WWE in 2022, Rose has continued to follow the company’s storylines, including the current Alpha Academy angle. She expressed her enjoyment of the ongoing storyline, highlighting the evolution of Chad Gable’s character into an effective heel and acknowledging the entertainment value of the group’s dynamics.

Despite Rose’s positive remarks, some fans feel that WWE may have hastily concluded the Alpha Academy storyline on a recent episode of “WWE Raw.”

The episode featured the debut of Wyatt Sicks, who incapacitated Gable, leading to his replacement by Ilja Dragunov in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. This development seemingly distanced Gable from Otis, leaving fans uncertain about the future direction of their storyline.

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