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Joe Hendry Appears Briefly on WWE NXT, Gets Eliminated Quickly, Focuses on TNA Rivalry With Kazarian

Joe Hendry
Joe Hendry (WWE)

On June 18, TNA star Joe Hendry made a surprising appearance on “WWE NXT,” participating in a 25-man number one contender Battle Royal. Despite the excitement of his entry, Hendry was quickly eliminated by fellow TNA star Frankie Kazarian after only 36 seconds.

Hendry addressed his brief stint on social media, expressing his readiness to compete in any WWE show and signaling his interest in more opportunities with the company.

During his entrance, Hendry hyped the Battle Royal as a showdown of 24 wrestlers against one sensation—himself. However, his optimism was short-lived, and after his elimination, he confronted WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels backstage, questioning the idea of “Joe Hendry versus NXT.”

The Battle Royal was ultimately won by Je’Von Evans, who earned a shot at the NXT Championship against Trick Williams at the upcoming Heatwave event on July 7.

Frankie Kazarian
Frankie Kazarian

Following his short-lived WWE appearance, Hendry is expected to return to TNA and continue his rivalry with Kazarian, especially after their recent match at TNA Against All Odds, where Kazarian emerged victorious.

Hendry’s alliance with former AEW personality and TNA producer Ace Steel suggests further tensions. Steel aims to avenge Hendry in an upcoming Chicago Street Fight against Kazarian on the June 20 episode of “TNA Impact.”

Hendry’s brief but memorable appearance on “WWE NXT” has stirred both fans and his own competitive spirit. While his time in the Battle Royal was limited, his social media posts indicate a strong desire to engage more with WWE. His confrontation with Shawn Michaels adds a layer of drama, hinting at potential storylines should WWE decide to bring him back for future events.

In the meantime, the ongoing feud with Kazarian in TNA remains a focal point for Hendry. The upcoming street fight involving his ally, Ace Steel, promises to be another intense chapter in this rivalry. Hendry’s cross-promotional activities keep him at the center of attention, as both WWE and TNA fans watch closely to see where his career will lead next.

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