Bully Ray Discusses AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes Match at Clash at the Castle

Bully Ray
Bully Ray (WWE)

Bully Ray, a WWE Hall of Famer, recently shared his perspective on the intense I Quit Match between AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes at Clash at the Castle. In this match, Cody successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Championship by handcuffing Styles to the ropes and threatening him with steel steps until Styles uttered the decisive “I Quit.”

Speaking on “Busted Open Radio,” Bully Ray praised the match’s conclusion, highlighting the psychological intensity it conveyed. He admired how Cody’s menacing intent to use the steel steps forced AJ into submission, emphasizing the realism and drama it brought to the ring.

Bully appreciated the unique and unexpected nature of this finish, which resonated well with the audience, eliciting a strong reaction.

However, Bully Ray expressed reservations about Cody Rhodes’ actions post-match. He felt that Cody hitting AJ with the steel steps after securing the victory was unnecessary, suggesting it detracted from the match’s powerful climax.

Bully Ray Discusses AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes Match at Clash at the Castle
Bully Ray Discusses AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes Match at Clash at the Castle (WWE)

Despite this critique, Bully appreciated other elements of Cody’s post-match behavior, such as him placing the steps back down and standing tall on them, which added to the drama and atmosphere.

Looking ahead, Cody Rhodes remains the Undisputed WWE Champion, with his next challenger yet to be determined. Following his match with Styles, Cody confronted Solo Sikoa and faced an attack from The Bloodline, only to be rescued by Randy Orton and Kevin Owens.

This sets the stage for future developments in the championship scene as contenders vie for an opportunity to challenge Cody for the prestigious title.

Bully Ray’s analysis of the AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes I Quit Match reflects admiration for its innovative finish and dramatic storytelling while also offering constructive criticism on certain post-match elements. As the WWE landscape continues to evolve, the fallout from Clash at the Castle promises intriguing narratives and future championship rivalries.

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