Buff Bagwell Recalls Terrifying Matches with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and His Live Python

Buff Bagwell
Buff Bagwell (WWE)

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell recently talked about wrestling WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts in 1992. Bagwell was not happy about having to deal with a live python during their matches. Roberts was known for using a snake in his act, which excited fans but scared other wrestlers. This made matches with Roberts particularly scary for Bagwell and others.

Bagwell’s fear of snakes was profound, and he expressed his concerns to Roberts before their first match in WCW at a house show.

Despite his fear, Roberts insisted on using the snake as it was integral to his character. Bagwell recalled being very upset and physically anxious about the encounter, worried about the unpredictable nature of the python, which could potentially bite or wrap around him during the match.

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts (WWE)

In addition to the in-ring challenges, Bagwell recounted how Roberts would play pranks on fellow wrestlers using the snake. One of the pranks involved turning off the lights in the locker room and throwing the snake inside, causing panic among those who were afraid of it. These pranks added an extra layer of tension for Bagwell and others who had to work with Roberts.

Despite the fear and anxiety, Bagwell’s stories highlight the larger-than-life characters and dramatic elements that defined professional wrestling during that era. The use of the snake as a gimmick by Roberts not only added to his mystique but also created memorable and often terrifying experiences for his opponents.

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