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The Wyatt Sicks Shock WWE with Intense Debut on “Raw,” Earning Praise from Hall of Famer Bully Ray

Wyatt Sicks
Wyatt Sicks (WWE)

The Wyatt Sicks made a startling debut on “WWE Raw” that was unlike anything WWE usually does. It was bloody and intense, leaving wrestlers like Chad Gable beaten down. WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray praised WWE for the production and the scary atmosphere they created.

The group honors Bray Wyatt, a former WWE Champion who passed away and includes his brother Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy. Other members are Joe Gacy, Dexter Lumis, Nikki Cross, and Erick Rowan. Rowan is back in WWE after four years away, having previously been part of The Wyatt Family with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper (Brodie Lee), who have both passed away.

Bully Ray
Bully Ray (WWE)

Before their debut, The Wyatt Sicks teased their arrival with puzzles and videos that added mystery and excitement. This buildup included QR codes and cryptic messages, setting the stage for a faction that brings a new level of mystery to WWE.

With their shocking debut and the return of familiar faces like Rowan and Dallas, The Wyatt Sicks have already made a big impact and sparked discussions about what they’ll do next in WWE.

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