Marcus “Buff” Bagwell Praises Jeff Jarrett’s Game-Changing Return to WCW in 1999

Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett (WWE)

Marcus “Buff” Bagwell, a prominent wrestler in WCW during the ’90s and early 2000s, recently appeared as a guest host on “The Snake Pit” alongside Jake Roberts.

During the discussion, they reminisced about the glory days of WCW and the impact of various stars on the promotion. One notable topic was Jeff Jarrett’s return to WCW in 1999, which Bagwell emphasized as a significant moment comparable to the arrivals of other wrestling icons like Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan.

Bagwell recalled the excitement surrounding Jeff Jarrett’s move from WWF to WCW. Jarrett had previously spent several years in WWF from 1992 to 1996 before returning to the company briefly in 1997.

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell
Marcus “Buff” Bagwell (WWE)

His return to WCW in 1999 was unexpected and generated buzz within the wrestling community. Bagwell highlighted the perception of Jarrett as a major acquisition that could enhance WCW’s roster and product.

Jeff Jarrett’s return to WCW in 1999 was marked by a controversial incident involving his departure from WWF. Reportedly, Jarrett had negotiated a substantial payment from Vince McMahon in exchange for participating in WWF’s No Mercy pay-per-view despite his contract expiring.

This episode underscored Jarrett’s business acumen and ability to leverage his position, which added to the intrigue of his subsequent move to WCW.

Reflecting on Jeff Jarrett’s impact, Bagwell praised his character both in and out of the ring. He described Jarrett as a great friend and a bona fide superstar whose presence from WWF to WCW was aimed at elevating the competition and pushing the boundaries of professional wrestling.

Bagwell’s sentiments echoed the sentiment that Jarrett’s contributions to WCW were not only significant in terms of star power but also in fostering a competitive environment within the wrestling industry during that era.

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