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Lola Vice Shares Her Career Goals as a Rising Star and Trailblazer in WWE

Lola Vice
Lola Vice (WWE)

Lola Vice, a rising star in WWE, has swiftly made her mark since joining the company two years ago. In a recent interview with “Under The Ring,” Vice revealed her ambitious career aspirations, driven by both short-term objectives and long-term dreams.

In the near future, Vice aims to clinch the NXT Women’s Championship, aspiring to become the first Cuban American woman to achieve this milestone. Inspired by legendary wrestler Natalya, Vice also harbors ambitions of joining the main roster and eventually returning to WWE after starting a family, much like Trish Stratus.

As WWE’s inaugural Cuban-American signee, Vice sees herself as a role model for young Hispanic individuals, determined to inspire them by demonstrating that dreams can be realized while staying authentic to one’s identity.

Lola Vice
Lola Vice (WWE)

She is passionate about empowering Latin women who may feel underrepresented, emphasizing that diversity in appearance, language, and skills is a strength rather than a limitation.

Already making strides towards her long-term goals, Vice recently achieved a significant milestone by defeating Shayna Baszler, the only woman to have made Ronda Rousey tap out, in a thrilling “NXT” Underground match at the 2024 “WWE NXT” Battleground event.

This victory marks a pivotal moment in her career, solidifying her reputation as a formidable competitor within WWE’s competitive landscape.

Looking ahead, Lola Vice remains steadfast in her pursuit of greatness within WWE, driven by a combination of personal ambition and a desire to pave the way for future generations of diverse talent in professional wrestling.

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