Sabu Eyes Final Match, Reflects on Wrestling Evolution with Finn Balor

Sabu (WWE)

ECW legend Sabu, renowned for his high-flying and hardcore wrestling style, is contemplating one final match before retiring. Throughout his extensive career, Sabu has faced many of wrestling’s biggest names across different eras. However, he hasn’t had the opportunity to compete against some of the modern generation stars who have been influenced by his innovative style.

In a recent interview on “Casual Conversations with The Classic,” Sabu expressed his thoughts on potential opponents from today’s wrestling scene, specifically naming WWE’s Finn Balor.

Sabu reminisced about watching Balor wrestle in Ireland and Scotland before he became known as Finn Balor. They had discussed a future match, but unfortunately, it never materialized due to Sabu sustaining an injury.

Finn Balor
Finn Balor (WWE)

Sabu also shared his perspective on the current state of WWE Superstars, indicating that he feels they have transitioned from being pure wrestlers to more of actors and stuntmen. He mentioned that WWE has transformed Balor from a straightforward wrestler into a performer who fits the entertainment-centric model of the company. Despite this shift, Sabu doesn’t fault Balor, acknowledging that he is simply doing his job and getting paid.

Although Sabu and Balor have never squared off in the ring, they did appear on the same event card back in March 2014 for an ICW event. This was shortly before Balor’s WWE debut, highlighting a near-miss opportunity for a match between the two wrestlers.

Sabu’s reflections underscore his respect for Balor’s wrestling skills and his desire to have faced him in a more traditional wrestling context. As Sabu considers his final bout, his comments highlight the changing landscape of professional wrestling and the impact of his legacy on today’s performers.

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