Christian Lee Firmly States Early Retirement was Never an Option

Christian Lee
Christian Lee Firmly States Early Retirement was Never an Option

Christian Lee, the ONE Lightweight and Welterweight MMA World Champion, expressed his unwavering commitment to the sport and his plans to return to the ring despite recent personal hardships.

He supported his younger brother Adrian Lee during his successful debut against Antonio Mammarella at ONE 167 on Prime Video. Lee acknowledged that fighting was the last thing on his mind during this challenging time, but he emphasized his love for the sport and his responsibility to provide for his family.

Lee is currently on a self-imposed break as he continues to mourn the loss of his younger sister, Victoria Lee, who tragically passed away in December 2022. This devastating event deeply affected the Lee family, leading to his older sister Angela Lee’s decision to retire from MMA.

Christian Lee
Christian Lee Firmly States Early Retirement was Never an Option

Angela has since focused on mental health advocacy by creating Fightstory, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

Unlike Angela, Christian Lee never considered retiring. He affirmed his passion for training and fighting, stating that leaving the sport was never an option for him. His last match was in November 2022, where he claimed the welterweight MMA title from Kiamrian Abbasov. Despite his extended absence from the ring, Lee remains confident and assured of his abilities as a competitor.

Lee expressed that he feels far from the end of his career and believes he is just getting started. He is eager to see what the future holds and is taking his comeback one step at a time. His confidence and determination signal that his time away has not diminished his fighting spirit, and he is looking forward to resuming competition soon.

Upon his return, Christian Lee plans to defend both of his World Titles. He dismissed the need for interim belts, signaling his readiness to defend his titles promptly. His statements reflect his commitment to maintaining his status and his anticipation of future bouts, reinforcing his position as a dedicated and resilient athlete.

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