Tito Ortiz Opens Up About Failed Boxing Match with Dana White: Revealing Strained Relations and Unmet Expectations

Tito Ortiz
Tito Ortiz (UFC)

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz recently opened up about his infamous failed boxing match with UFC CEO Dana White in 2016, shedding light on the strained relationship between the two. Ortiz discussed this on the “Overdogs Podcast” alongside Mike Perry, another notable figure in combat sports.

Despite the passage of time, Ortiz revealed that his relationship with White remains unsettled. The discord stems from disagreements over the terms of their proposed boxing match, which ultimately never materialized due to conflicting business strategies.

Ortiz claimed that White initially agreed to a boxing match with terms that included a revenue split, but the deal fell through when White allegedly reneged on these terms.

Dana White
Dana White (UFC)

According to Ortiz, the disagreement centered around financial arrangements, particularly concerning revenue generated from the event. Ortiz maintained that he understood the business aspects well but felt sidelined when the proposed terms were altered, a move he interpreted as an attempt to undermine him.

Reflecting on the situation, Ortiz expressed that he has since moved past the disappointment of the failed match and holds no animosity towards the UFC or its leadership. He acknowledged the UFC’s need to operate within its business framework to achieve success, recognizing the organization’s strategic decisions, even if they didn’t align with his expectations.

The unresolved tension between Ortiz and White underscores the complexities of their professional relationship within the competitive world of mixed martial arts. While Ortiz appears resigned to the rift, only time will tell whether their differences can be reconciled or if they will continue to maintain a distant relationship in the years ahead.

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