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Chelsea Green’s Eagerness for WWE-TNA Crossover Matches Sparks Excitement

Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green (WWE)

Chelsea Green expressed her enthusiasm for potential crossover matches between WWE and TNA, particularly highlighting her desire to compete against Jordynne Grace for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Green, a former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, reminisced about her past title reign and expressed her eagerness for another shot at the Knockouts Title.

She hinted at her interest by joking about sending a message to Tommy Dreamer regarding a possible tag team title opportunity alongside her partner, Little Miss P.

In addition to Grace, Green mentioned her interest in facing other TNA talents like Rosemary and even expressed a playful willingness to take on her husband, Matt Cardona, and his ally, Steph De Lander.

She humorously remarked on potentially wrestling other former TNA stars who now compete in WWE, although she comically described wrestlers like Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley as “annoying, smelly, and sweaty.”

Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green (WWE)

Green’s comments reflect a growing trend of collaboration and crossover potential between WWE and TNA, highlighted by recent appearances of TNA talents in WWE events and vice versa. The prospect of seeing wrestlers from both promotions facing off has sparked excitement among fans, who are eager to witness dream matches and unexpected pairings.

As speculation mounts about future interactions between WWE and TNA talents, Green’s openness to facing competitors from different promotions underscores the evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where alliances and rivalries transcend organizational boundaries.

Her playful yet competitive spirit sets the stage for potentially thrilling matchups that could redefine women’s wrestling across different platforms.

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