Origins of The Brood: Gangrel’s Vampire Vision and Russo’s Concept

The Brood
The Brood (WWE)

The Attitude Era faction known as The Brood recently returned to prominence after Gangrel’s surprise interference at AEW Double or Nothing, aiding Adam Copeland during his intense barbed wire steel cage match.

The Brood, famous for their unique entrance and dramatic “bloodbaths,” made a memorable impact during their time in WWE, which has resonated with fans to this day and was revisited on a recent episode of “AEW Dynamite.”

Reflecting on the origins of The Brood, Gangrel credited former WWE writer Vince Russo for conceptualizing the faction. Russo, known for his affinity for vampire lore, approached Gangrel with the idea, asking if he could still portray a vampire character complete with fangs.

With little time to prepare, Gangrel debuted as the leader of The Brood on a whirlwind weekend that culminated in a Sunday Night Heat appearance. The faction’s iconic entrance music and Gothic aesthetic were swiftly established, capturing the imagination of wrestling audiences.

The Brood
The Brood (WWE)

In an interview with “WrestleBinge,” Gangrel revealed his longtime desire to create a vampire-themed group akin to the cult classic film “The Lost Boys.” The formation of The Brood, which also included Edge and Christian, was shrouded in mystery within the storyline.

Gangrel mentioned that the exact reasons behind their union were never explicitly explained; whether they were supposed to be literal vampires or simply embraced a dark, mysterious persona was left ambiguous. This ambiguity added to their mystique, allowing fans to speculate about their origins and motivations.

Despite their mystical presence, Gangrel pointed out that WWE seldom referred to The Brood as “vampires” on air. Instead, the trio solidified their identity as The Brood, suggesting a potential origin linked to a fictional Romanian village, though this backstory was never fully explored during their televised appearances.

This mysterious characterization added to their mystique, fostering intrigue among fans and enhancing their appeal through their unique persona and memorable performances.

Gangrel’s reminiscences underscored the impact and legacy of The Brood during the Attitude Era, emphasizing their role in pushing the boundaries of wrestling entertainment with their dark, theatrical presentations.

Their resurgence in the spotlight at AEW Double or Nothing served as a nostalgic nod to their influential run in WWE, reminding fans of their enduring appeal and the creativity that defined their era in professional wrestling history.

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