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Kevin Kelly Discusses AEW vs. WWE and Personal Challenges in Wrestling Industry

Kevin Kelly Talks AEW vs. WWE
Kevin Kelly Talks AEW vs. WWE (WWE)

Kevin Kelly, a former AEW commentator, shared his thoughts on comparisons between AEW and WWE in response to comments by wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer. In an interview on “K & S Wrestlefest,” Kelly disagreed with Meltzer’s view that AEW’s matches, like Double or Nothing, were better than WWE’s King and Queen of the Ring events. Kelly explained that what makes wrestling “better” is subjective and depends on personal opinions.

Kelly pointed out that while Meltzer praised AEW for having better matches, he personally defines better wrestling as not just about technical prowess or high-risk maneuvers but also about the illusion of danger and the ability of wrestlers to convincingly sell their performances.

He highlighted the importance of wrestlers mastering the art of doing less to achieve more impact, suggesting a preference for storytelling and psychology in matches rather than solely focusing on high spots.

His stint with AEW, which began in June 2023 and ended abruptly in March of the following year, was marked by both professional challenges and personal struggles. Kelly disclosed that his departure was influenced by frustrations with the backstage environment and conflicts with fellow AEW commentator Ian Riccaboni.

Kevin Kelly Talks AEW vs. WWE
Kevin Kelly Talks AEW vs. WWE (WWE)

He also revealed that he had been dealing with mental health issues during his time with the company, seeking psychiatric help that unfortunately did not materialize as expected due to his sudden release.

Despite the setbacks, Kelly expressed gratitude for his time at AEW and the opportunity to contribute to its programming, including his role on “AEW Collision” alongside Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness.

His departure, however, shed light on broader issues within the organization, underscoring the complexities of working in professional wrestling and the toll it can take on performers and commentators alike.

Kevin Kelly’s comments reflect a nuanced perspective on the wrestling industry, emphasizing the subjective nature of what constitutes “better” wrestling and acknowledging the challenges faced by individuals behind the scenes.

His experience with AEW serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health support in professional wrestling and highlights ongoing debates about creative direction and organizational dynamics within major promotions like AEW and WWE.

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