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Matt Cardona Says The Miz Deserves More Recognition in WWE

Matt Cardona
Matt Cardona (WWE)

In recent years, WWE has seen rising stars like Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, and Rhea Ripley gain significant acclaim. Yet, according to Matt Cardona, also known as “The Indy God,” Mike “The Miz” Mizanin deserves equal recognition. During a conversation with “The Wrestling Matt,” Cardona applauded The Miz for his diverse skills and enduring presence in WWE, underscoring his versatility and impactful contributions to the sport.

Cardona emphasized that The Miz possesses a range of skills that set him apart. He described The Miz as a natural talker, adept at media engagements, acting in movies and TV shows, and performing in the ring.

Cardona shared a personal anecdote about a memorable match they had at Madison Square Garden, where The Miz led the match spontaneously, showcasing his experience and skill. Cardona attributes The Miz’s abilities to his extensive time spent working with top talents like John Cena during his championship reigns.

The Miz
The Miz (WWE)

One of The Miz’s most notable moments came during his first WWE Championship reign, particularly his feud with John Cena leading up to WrestleMania 27. In a surprising turn of events, The Miz secured a victory over Cena in the main event of the prestigious show.

Although he lost the title shortly after, The Miz continued to feud with Cena throughout 2011. Cena himself has praised The Miz for his hard work and dedication, echoing Cardona’s sentiments about the two-time Grand Slam Champion.

Despite The Miz’s impressive career and contributions, Cardona believes he does not receive the credit he deserves. Both Cardona and Cena recognize

The Miz’s talent and dedication point out his ability to excel in various aspects of entertainment and wrestling. Cardona’s admiration for The Miz underscores the latter’s significance in WWE and suggests that his accomplishments should be more widely acknowledged.

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