Kevin Nash Discusses ‘Who Killed WCW?’ Docuseries and WCW Legacy

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash (WWE)

Kevin Nash, a prominent figure from WCW’s heyday, finds himself in the spotlight once again with the release of the docuseries “Who Killed WCW?”. Nash, known for his role in forming the nWo alongside Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan, played a pivotal part in WCW’s success during the Monday Night Wars.

However, his influence and decisions, according to some former colleagues, may have also contributed to WCW’s eventual downfall, a topic likely to be explored in the docuseries.

Despite the controversial subject matter, Nash remains remarkably composed about the series. On a recent episode of “Kliq This”, he expressed a laid-back attitude, suggesting that those who harbor lingering bitterness from that era should let it go.

Who Killed WCW?
Who Killed WCW? (WWE)

Nash even joked about his relaxed state during the interviews for the docuseries, indicating a nonchalant approach to revisiting the tumultuous period of WCW’s history.

Nash’s demeanor regarding “Who Killed WCW?” seems influenced by his belief that the series may not delve deeply enough into certain key issues. He hinted at skepticism towards the docuseries adequately addressing Turner Broadcasting’s financial mishandling, which he views as a significant factor in WCW’s demise alongside individual decisions made by wrestlers and management.

In summary, while Kevin Nash acknowledges his pivotal role in WCW’s rise and acknowledges criticism of his impact on its downfall, he maintains a calm and almost detached perspective towards the docuseries examining this turbulent chapter of wrestling history. His relaxed demeanor and skepticism about the series’ scope reflect his broader view on letting go of past grievances and focusing on the broader systemic issues that may have contributed to WCW’s collapse.

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