Jared Cannonier Criticizes Referee Jason Herzog’s Controversial Stoppage in UFC Louisville Bout

Jared Cannonier.
Jared Cannonier criticizes UFC referee over controversial fight stoppage. (UFC)

Jared Cannonier recently shared his thoughts on referee Jason Herzog’s comments about the controversial finish in his UFC Louisville bout against Nassourdine Imavov.

During the fight, Imavov appeared to have Cannonier hurt in the fourth round, leading many to believe Herzog stopped the fight prematurely. Cannonier’s immediate reaction to the loss was filled with frustration and disbelief, and he elaborated further on his feelings during an appearance on the MMA Hour.

In his comments, Cannonier expressed skepticism towards Herzog’s statements. Herzog mentioned that he would re-evaluate the footage but maintained that he based his decision on what he saw at the moment.

Cannonier interpreted Herzog’s remarks as a sign of reluctance to accept responsibility for the decision. He suggested that Herzog might be swayed by public opinion and pressure rather than standing firmly by his initial judgment. This, Cannonier argued, indicated a lack of confidence in the call he made during the fight.

Jared Cannonier criticizes UFC referee over controversial fight stoppage.
Jared Cannonier criticizes UFC referee over controversial fight stoppage. (UFC)

Cannonier acknowledged Jason Herzog’s reputation as one of the best referees in the sport but was adamant that Herzog made a critical error. He emphasized that the decision had significant implications for his career, describing it as a “grave mistake” that essentially ended the fight prematurely.

“It sounds like reluctance to be accountable,” Cannonier said. “I sense a little bit of reluctance in that post. But also, willingness to hear all the people barking in his ears. I guess you can’t ignore when he world is as upset as they are. But I think that’s due to pressure. If nobody was saying anything, he would have just flown on home and went on to the next one.

Cannonier highlighted the emotional and professional impact of the decision, noting that he felt his career and momentum were at a standstill as a result of the stoppage.

Reflecting on Herzog’s willingness to re-examine the footage, Cannonier saw it as a partial acknowledgment of the mistake. He hoped that Herzog would learn from this incident and avoid making similar errors in the future.

“I don’t want to sit here and trash Jason Herzog. He’s one of the best referees in the game. But he definitely made a big mistake in this regard. It was a huge mistake, a grave mistake,” Cannonier continued. “My career was pretty much in his hands and he decided it ain’t worth fighting for. … I don’t even know what to do with that post. I can take it as somewhat of an admission of fault, if you will. At least he’s willing to hear. Hopefully he won’t make this mistake again. But what’s done is done. I’m still here with one check in hand, another loss on my record, the momentum gone, my position in the rankings could be gone.”

Despite this, Cannonier’s immediate concern was the tangible consequences of the stoppage—an additional loss on his record, loss of momentum, and potentially slipping in the rankings. He expressed frustration over the setback, stressing that the repercussions of the fight’s outcome were deeply personal and professionally damaging.

Jason Herzog
Jason Herzog (UFC)

Cannonier’s critique underscores the broader issue of referee decisions in MMA and their profound impact on fighters’ careers. His frustration is not just about the loss but also about the perceived injustice and the arbitrary nature of such decisions.

As he moves forward, Cannonier remains focused on his career and recovery, hoping for a fair reevaluation of his situation and a chance to regain his standing in the UFC. The debate over the fight’s stoppage continues to highlight the complexities and challenges within the sport, emphasizing the need for clear, consistent, and well-communicated officiating standards.

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