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Brooklyn Brawler Steve Lombardi Shares Experiences from 30-Year WWE Career with Vince McMahon

Brooklyn Brawler
Brooklyn Brawler (WWE)

Steve “The Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardi had an impressive 30-year career with WWE, where he got to know Vince McMahon very well. In an interview on “Insight with Chris Van Vliet,” Lombardi talked about his relationship with the former WWE chairman.

\He pointed out that being employed for so long showed how strong their professional bond was. Lombardi said, “[McMahon] kept me for 32 years, so [our relationship] must have been pretty good,” and shared a funny story to highlight McMahon’s trust in him and his dedication.

Throughout his tenure, Lombardi was known for his willingness to undertake any task assigned by McMahon, a quality that earned him various roles and responsibilities.

He worked with a diverse array of talent, from legends like Randy Savage to unique personalities such as Tiger Jackson, known in the ring as The Macho Midget, Dink, and Little Hulkster.

Lombardi’s reliability extended beyond the ring; McMahon trusted him with important duties, such as accompanying Paul “Triple H” Levesque to a medical appointment following a serious injury. Additionally, Lombardi played a significant role in the early career of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, being his first opponent and helping to establish the young wrestler’s career.

Vince McMahon
Brooklyn Brawler Lombardi Discusses 30-Year WWE Career, McMahon (WWE)

Despite his many contributions, Lombardi’s career with WWE eventually came to an end in 2016. Reflecting on his departure, he expressed no resentment towards McMahon or the company. Instead, he acknowledged that the time had come for him to move on.

The grueling demands of constant travel had taken their toll, and Lombardi was ready to step back from the physically and mentally exhausting schedule that had defined his life for over three decades.

Lombardi addressed misconceptions about his release, emphasizing that it was not as dramatic or contentious as some might believe. “All I can say is, [my release] is not like people think,” he stated, choosing to keep the specifics private.

He indicated that his departure was more about personal readiness than any negative circumstances. After years of traveling extensively for WWE, he felt it was time to slow down and embrace a less hectic lifestyle.

In the end, Lombardi’s reflections on his career and relationship with McMahon are marked by gratitude and respect. His long service to WWE and his willingness to take on any challenge showcased his dedication and professionalism.

Even as his era with the company concluded, Lombardi’s legacy as a versatile and dependable figure in professional wrestling remains intact, highlighting the significant impact he had both in and out of the ring.

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