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Rhodes’s Generous Act: Gifting His Iconic Mask to Jacy Jayne on WWE NXT

Cody Rhodes and Jacy Jayne
Cody Rhodes and Jacy Jayne (WWE)

Cody Rhodes, the WWE Champion, showed up unexpectedly on “WWE NXT” and gave his famous mask to Jacy Jayne, a wrestler who recently broke her nose in a match. It was a nice gesture to support Jayne during her recovery.

Rhodes’s gesture held particular significance due to his own history of wearing a mask during his initial tenure with WWE. After sustaining a broken nose during a match with Rey Mysterio, Rhodes adopted the “Dashing” gimmick and utilized the mask both as a prop and a protective measure.

He once credited the mask with potentially saving his life after a brutal kick from Randy Orton. Jayne, who underwent surgery for her own broken nose, had been sidelined from competition for over a month, making Rhodes’s gift a meaningful morale boost.

Cody Rhodes Gifts His Mask to Jacy Jayne
Cody Rhodes Gifts His Mask to Jacy Jayne. (WWE)

In addition to his interaction with Jayne, Rhodes took the opportunity to offer guidance to “NXT” Champion Trick Williams, who had recently emerged victorious against Ethan Page at Battleground. Rhodes revealed plans for a 25-man battle royale on the upcoming episode of “NXT,” which would determine Williams’s next challenger.

Amidst backstage reunions with former AEW colleagues Shawn Spears, Ethan Page, and Lexis King (formerly Brian Pillman Jr.), Rhodes demonstrated his continued engagement with the wrestling landscape.

Looking ahead, Rhodes’s focus shifted to his impending clash with AJ Styles at the upcoming Clash at the Castle event in Scotland. As he prepared for this high-stakes encounter, Rhodes’s presence on “NXT” served as a reminder of his versatility and willingness to engage with both established stars and emerging talents across different wrestling promotions.

His actions underscored the spirit of unity and support within the wrestling community, as wrestlers like Rhodes continue to uplift and inspire their peers through gestures of solidarity and encouragement.

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