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Arn Anderson Prioritizes Supporting Son Brock, Addresses WWE Return Rumors

Arn Anderson
Arn Anderson (WWE)

Arn Anderson recently parted ways with AEW, leading to speculation about his potential return to WWE to be with Cody Rhodes. During a recent appearance on “Busted Open Radio,” Anderson addressed these rumors and clarified his current priorities.

At 65, he humorously noted that his liver feels much older, but he emphasized that he doesn’t have much time left and wants to focus on supporting his son, Brock Anderson.

Anderson stated his main goal is to help his son establish a career in wrestling, making him a valuable asset to any company he works for.

Arn Anderson
Arn Anderson (WWE)

This commitment to his son’s future is what Anderson wants to dedicate his remaining time to. He mentioned that they are currently traveling to various independent promotions that are willing to book them, showcasing their dedication to the craft and to Brock’s growth in the industry.

Despite their willingness to work with indie promotions, Anderson prefers driving short distances over flying to different cities. He expressed a desire to continue supporting these smaller wrestling promotions by traveling to accessible locations. This approach allows them to assist young independent promotions while remaining within a manageable travel schedule.

There has also been talk about Cody Rhodes wanting an old-school manager, leading to speculation about a reunion with Anderson. While Anderson expressed interest in a short-term reunion with Rhodes, he noted that they haven’t discussed it yet. He welcomed feedback on the idea, indicating a willingness to consider the possibility if there’s sufficient interest.

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