Zoom Announces New Updates With Enhanced Security Features

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Zoom has announced its new updates, which are developed to provide its users with an enhanced performance during the meeting sessions. Soon after the lockdown, many software companies and other educational institutions have shifted their regular meeting to the online platforms. These platforms are gaining more than a million users’ traffic each day. Zoom is one of the leading software applications, where many companies are recommending this tool to carry out their official meeting. In recent times, these meeting applications have received a great response from the user’s community.

New security features are being developed for these software applications; Zoom’s development team has increased the authentication for its users by improving the control option. These security features are mainly brought in mainly due to prevent disruptions during virtual meetings. This feature allows the users to remove a particular user who is making some kind of disturbance during the meeting sessions. This feature addresses such things that have been widely discussed over the online social networking platforms and other feedback portals to have excessive control over the meeting session by removing the particular participant.

Zoom Security Enhancements

At-Risk Meeting Notifier is a new feature that alerts the host of the meeting about the miscellaneous activity that happens during the meeting. This feature is mainly developed to eradicate the unwanted interruptions, which might damage the course of the online meeting. Most school students are using the Zoom application for connecting for learning courses through online classes. In that situation, a minor disturbance might spoil the entire session by disturbing the other students. This feature allows the host of the meeting to pick a particular user and terminate them from the online meeting sessions.

Zoom application is gaining a positive momentum for the past continuous six months, mainly because of the fact that many companies have started to adapt to the work from culture. It looks like the usage of these online applications will be getting a huge increase in the upcoming days, mainly due to the lockdown and other local government restrictions. To minimize the online disruptors and trolls, Zoom’s core development team has been actively involving bringing in some of the new technologies. These activities are leading to a new phenomenon known as Zoombombing.

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New Updates And Features

One of the latest features that getting along with the update is more relevant to the security enhancement. This will allow the host and co-host to resume the meeting for a few minutes and remove the person disrupting the meeting. The user-interface of this application is getting better in every update. Users who are wishing to use this new security feature just have to click over the Security icon and select Suspend Participant Activities. This option will automatically terminate all video, audio, in-meeting chat, and also other recording sessions. It looks like the company has developed a termination button, which can be triggered to completely shut down every process carried out during the meeting session.

Its claimed that Zoom already has over 300 million users using this application every day. It’s expected that more users will be joining these platforms in the upcoming days to carry out their online meeting sessions. By improving the user-interface and other features in this online application will attract more participants to carry out their work progress.