ZMI Power Bank From Xiaomi Comes With The 5,000 mAh Battery And Gets A Hand Warmer Function

ZMI Power Bank Specification and Features
ZMI Power Bank Still

Chinese electronic gadget manufacturing company Xiaomi has announced its newly developed power bank device. Its claimed that this power bank device is built in such a way that it could also act as a ZMI Hand Warmer. Xiaomi has been expanding its business through the segment of smartphones in the south Asian countries for the last couple of years. It’s said that the company also plans to enter the European market in the upcoming months. Xiaomi has grabbed millions of customers within a short time, providing healthy competition to the long time players in the smartphone manufacturing business.

Many smartphones from different Chinese brands are getting released under the Xiaomi brand, which is an added advantage over the brand promotion. Apart from developing smartphones, it has widely expanded its business, developing a new model commercial product that has received a decent amount of customer response. The company has initially targeted customers through online e-commerce platforms; later, it developed multiple outlets across various countries. The companies latest laptop device looks pretty cool and comes with powerful computational processor options.

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ZMI Power Bank Storage Capacity

ZMI power bank is a 5,000mAh power storage device that can also be used as a hand warmer. This option makes it unique from the other similar products in the current generation electronic market and makes it stand ahead of the crowd. Many leading electronic manufacturing companies have already launched numerous power bank devices with different power storage capacity; this model gets an additional feature. The manufacturing company claims that this new device has the ability to charge the iPhone 12 within a short span of time than the 5W Apple charger.

PTC type temperature heating technology is the key factor used while designing the hand warmer feature. This technology has been used in various other industries to maintain the device’s temperature and other similar products. Heating technology started implementing in different devices, mainly after Tesla introduced its automobile vehicles to provide extra comfort for its users. It looks like many other leading companies around the world will be introducing this new feature in their upcoming devices. This feature is designed so that it could increase the temperature gradually without causing any kind of harm to the users.

ZMI Power Bank Specification and Features
ZMI Power Bank Images

Hand Warmer Function

This heating option might consume less power stored in the device, which makes it compactable for both charging and heat transmission options. If needed, this device can heat up rapidly and can reach a maximum heating temperature of about 52℃ within a short span of time. During its initial sale soon after the release, this product has been launched in China; it looks like the company might be reaching other parts of the world in the upcoming months. As disclosed earlier, this device comes with a battery capacity of 5000mAh, which is sufficient enough to charge smartphone devices for along time. The device is designed so that it can be switched between the switch between low and high temperatures.

The temperature produced in the power bank device can be sustained for 2-4 hours. ZMI USB cable allows the user to charge their iPhone device. It’s reported that this power bank device can charge 54 minutes faster than the Apple 5W charge.