You Season 3: When will the third season arrive on Netflix?

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You Season 3

We know that the beginning of 2021 has been a bit rough. Plus, we are aware of the new strain of Covid-19 that has been introduced has not made it easier either. But I bet all of you had a wonderful time during your holidays! Well, don’t worry, Netflix has got our back. As you know, 2020 had brought the entire world to a standstill, so the only way to communicate with the outside world was through electronic devices.

During this time, the only way to keep ourselves sane was to turn to online platforms to stream movies and series. But that too was running out because they could not film at all. And most of us will admit that we have become hooked on certain series and look forward to releasing their new seasons. If you have not already seen the latest youtube trailer, then you must. 

‘You’ has been one of the top streaming shows to have been binge-watched by people in 2020. The first two seasons have been very successful among adult viewers and have received good reviews from critics. Although it might be very unsettling and dark, it is undeniably entertaining and has got millions of hooked fans worldwide. It is adapted from a book series by the American author Caroline Kepnes. As the third novel in this addictive series has been completed by her, fans have a very basic idea of what to expect from the third season.

You Season 3 Spoilers
You Season 3: The Not So Lovely Couple

You: Season 3: When will the third season arrive?

We know that Joe Goldberg is a problematic romantic who tended to murder people to protect the one he supposedly loves. Now, that is a pretty weird fetish, don’t you think so? Would you ever want to kill someone you love so dearly? So, where ever he goes, his murderous trail follows him, and he keeps being the reason for multiple people’s demise. Though he struggles with her murderous side, his idea of love has always been the reason for his downfall.

Filming has resumed for the third season of You despite the filming industry’s setback due to Corona Virus. The entire staff of ‘You’ has been very careful, and every single one of them has been following the government’s safety guidelines to keep everything on track. So far, it seems like the production and filming are being done according to schedule, and we can expect a 2021 release date.

Though Netflix had not confirmed the official release date for this offbeat series, when the news of the renewal broke on TVLine, it was unveiled that all of us fans can expect ten new episode release in 2021. The official Twitter page of You has also posted a trailer for season 3, “New Year, New You. It’s a clever play on the words’ New Year,’ which leads us to believe that season 3 is set to release in 2021. Also, the filming for season 3 had resumed in November 2020, so there’s a decent chance that we will see it in 2021.

You Season 3 release date
You Season 3: Scene From The Series

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What can we expect from the new Plotline of You?

As we have seen for the past two seasons, Joe Goldberg is a very troubled person who has grown into the person he is at present because of his childhood’s twisted events, which have compelled him to perform his heinous acts in the name of ‘love.’ As you probably know, we ended season 2 with a Jaw-dropping finale. We see in a shocking reveal that it was Love and not Joe who had killed Delilah and later Candace to protect Joe. And Live is as obsessed and inclined towards murder just as Joe is.

Joe is initially scared of her and tries to kill her, but Love then revealed that she is carrying his child. Then Joe and Love and her mother-in-law go to live in the suburbs to raise their child. Yet, in the finale, we see that Joe has found a new subject of his brutal, obsessive nature. Obsession, people say, is a fierce weapon of Love. It makes a person completely helpless and only focussed on one particular thing.

Reviews And Constructive criticism

A lot of people have a very different idea of what kind of series ‘You’ actually is. The Ted Bundy vibes are not for everyone, and I totally support the fact that the younger teens should not watch it. This is because of several reasons. The sensitive mind of a young person is open to all sorts of ideas. Therefore, the fact that ‘You’ is such a realistic and happening drama series might influence the audience. We all are obsessive about the people that we love at a point in time. This is the basic concern of the masses and nothing else.

Apart from the concern about such social norms, the reviews are pretty good! To be exact, we all really love a good watch that has suspense and keeps us entertained. I personally loved it. The realistic factor to it was beyond amazing. Also, the Pretty Little Liar character present in this series of ‘You’ has managed to attract some of her own fans who know her personally. The cast members, the demonstration of the entire movie, and the replication from novels- everything is perfectly spot on! Magazines, online websites, and even Netflix is embracing the new release with great enthusiasm.

Characters From You
Netflix’s You Season 3: A Few Main Characters From The Series’ New Season

You season 3: Cast details And More

The showrunner Sera Gamble says that the ending of season 2 has something waiting. It does not indicate that Joe has a peaceful future in front of him. It ultimately shows that Joe is still Joe, and that is not going to be helpful for his future. By now, it is very clear to the audience and critics alike that You is not just another show. It is fresh and dangerous.

Fans will be delighted to know that we have secured the cast list for season 3. We have so many familiar faces for us! I bet all of you are gladly looking forward to a lot of returns and omissions too. It has been confirmed that the showrunners have introduced 13 new cast members. So, we will see returning Penn Badgely as Joe. Victoria Pedretti as Love, Scott Speedman as Matthew, Travis Van Winkle as Cary. Then there is Shalita Grant as Sherry, Saffron Burrows as Dottie. Dylan Arnold as Theo, Tati Gabrielle as Marienne, Michaela McManus as Natalie. Not to forget- Shannon Chan-Kent as Kiki, Ben Mehl as Dante, Chris O’Shea as Andrew. Christopher Sean as Brandon, Bryan Safi as Jackson. And last but not least- Mackenzie Astin as Gil and YeletZurer as Dr. Chandra. Get ready for some cuts and a lot of additions to the crew members.

‘You’ is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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