Yoshihide Suga Might Become Japan’s Prime Minister – Who is he?

Yoshihide Suga
Yoshihide Suga

Yoshihide Suga has been selected by most of the upfront leaders to replace Abe as the Prime minister of Japan. The process of electing the next prime minister started soon after Abe announced his retirement over his health condition. Many names were seen contesting for the post of Prime minister, based on their previous performance in the field and their experience, few names were considered for the discussion among the party members.  The ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has been winning the election for more than a decade by placing Abe as their Prime minister candidate. Last week Abe made a decision to quit his position due to the worsening of a chronic illness which he has been undergoing for more than a couple of years.

Many other experienced party leader has expressed their wish to run the government as a Prime minister. Few Japanese Magazines suggest that Suga has not shown any interest in taking up the charge to contest the election as the candidate. His statements were widely criticized by the media. A political science professor from the leading university has said that the government will try pulling Suga to take you the charge as the Prime minister to run the government as a successor. During one of the recent interviews that took place, Suga expressed that there need to make sure that their economy is well balanced during the time of crisis. Many popular industries have their headquarters in Japan which helps the country to become an economic superpower.

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Why Yoshihide Suga?

It also stressed the need for tightening restrictions to contain the virus; the cases keep surging even in spite of many restrictions that are imposed by Abe’s government. It will be a crucial time for the elected leader to make major decisions. He also added that the economic experts, along with the ministry, have to work on things that prevent the countries economy from falling down. Suga has a handful of experience in the field of governance, where he has been a longtime lieutenant. He was personally selected by Abe during the year 2012. He has served in many positions to help governance easier with his innovative measures.

Some of his previous experiences are in serving chief cabinet secretary, which he was appointed during his early days. On analyzing his ability, he was made top government spokesman delivering the initiative and decision taken by the government over the issues and schemes. His decision plays a major role while coordinating policies for the welfare of the citizens. The winner of the election will take charge as the prime minister who was reported to happen around September 15. There are many other candidates who are contesting the election along with Suga. Toshimitsu Motegi, Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi, and Fumio Kishida are the few other candidates contesting the election, which is going to happen within a couple of days.

It will be a deciding factor on whom the party chooses the candidate. It’s expected that the result will be unveiled on Tuesday. It’s said that Ishiba might take over the control if elected through the regular election process. It’s noted that Ishiba has won the first round of the election by beating Abe in 2012. However, Abe took the lead during the final election.