Xiaomi Working On Under Display Camera Option

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Xiaomi is planning to bring in under-display camera technology in this upcoming smartphone. Users can expect the feature later this year or early this year. This is not the first time that the company is trying this feature in their product. The company has previous experience in working on the under-display camera, which hides under the screen and works like a camera. Its claimed that this camera is the third generation camera, where the previous version of this technology was not included in the mass production. Various designs are brought into the front camera like notches along with the bezels or cut-out holes. It is one of the widely discussed hardware features of the device.

Apple was the first company to make changes in the front camera option to come up with the notch design back in 2017. It was seen as the revolutionary change, which gave more space for the display screen. Taking iPhone X as an example, many smartphone companies started working on various other designs, which even included a pop-up camera option where the camera popup while using the front camera. The primary appearance of the smartphone has many value-added points during the release. There are many companies that are upcoming with affordable products; there is a great need for up-gradation and enhancements. Xiaomi has launched many products this year, it also has many other products other than smartphones like television, shoes, bags, and a lot more. It has collaborated with brands like Redmi, Mi and recently joined POCO.

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Xiaomi has planned to completely eliminate the appearance of the rear camera by hiding under the display screen. This might get more feedback and suggestion from the users, and also there are many chances that other companies might try to replicate this feature on their upcoming smartphone. It’s obvious that the company might have already obtained the patent for this technology. A popup camera is developed with the same motive to provide complete space for the display screen. Popup camera faced few struggles during the long run due to the physical mechanism which pushes the camera when opted for a selfie option. It was only a few countable devices that are developed using this option.

The company has said that it needs to work on the screen around the camera, which has to go along with the other parts of the screen by providing the same color option and brightness. It’s expected that the minute part of the camera may not contain the LED option because of the presence of another device inside it. The screen of the mobiles is available with different configurations like LED, OLED. This newly developed feature allows the light to pass through the screen. Its claimed that this feature would ensure providing complete pixel density. Many articles suspect that the under-display camera option might affect the screen resolution to a considerable aspect. The company has developed the feature with the team of experts without any help from the third-party application developers.

This initiative to make sure that their upcoming feature to be kept under dark without getting leaked during the development. The company has been working may new advanced features for a long time. Photography of the smartphone has been improved through Dual Native ISO Fusion technology. The company has made it into the Fortune Global 500 list for the second consecutive time. It’s one of the upcoming hardware manufacturing startups that has emerged as the million-dollar company in recent years.