Xiaomi Launches Higher End Mi 10 Ultra

Mi 10 Ultra
Mi 10 Ultra Still

Xiaomi has launched many electronic products like television, mobile phones, speakers this year. In addition to this, Mi 10 Ultra manufacturing company has also revealed its upcoming smartphone. Many might have come across the rumors and speculations that have been revolving around the internet for the last couple of days regarding the upcoming Xiaomi smartphone. To stop the rumor the company has came forward and made an official announcement about Mi 10 Ultra. This device is one of the most expected and much-awaited smartphones of this year. Fans have expressed their happiness by posting images in the social network.

The company has revealed that Mi 10 Ultra will be launched on August 16th in China. It’s expected that the product might take some extra time for reaching the US mobile market. This delay is due to the tension between the two countries. It’s expected that this product might reach the market within this year if the condition return backs to normal. During the initial phase of the release, the mobile phone will be made available through online stores. It will be made available in Asia and parts of Europe. It might take some time to kick start its sales through a local store, until then for those inserted in the product can purchase through the online store.

Xiaomi Voice Ai
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Specification of the device is announced by the mobile manufacturer with an intention to engage the customers towards the smartphone. The mobile phone supports 120-watt wired fast charging. To provide a long-lasting battery capacity it comes with the 4,500mAh battery. The battery capacity looks much similar to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Xiaomi assured that it takes just 23 minutes for full charging and reaches 41 percent after just five minutes. To support the fast charging feature the mobile comes with the 50W wireless fast charging.

Mi 10 Ultra Features

Xiaomi has been improving its camera feature in their every smartphone. The camera has been considered as the flagship feature of the ay device that’s produced by Xiaomi. To enhance the pixel capacity of the image, the company has used image processing techniques to provide a break free pixel image. This device has a 48-megapixel lens to capture ultra-bright image which also has a primary shooter with a 1/1.32-inch sensor, a 120x hybrid zoom camera, and 8K video recording capabilities. The front camera/ selfie camera has a capacity of the 20-megapixel ultrawide camera with a 128-degree field of view also has a 12-megapixel portrait camera.

Mi 10 Ultra has a 6.67-inch OLED display. The display of the mobile looks great and compact for daily use. It has a  120Hz refresh rate which supports smoother animations. The refresh rate is one of the important features that most of the smartphone users are looking forward to.  The refresh rate of the mobile gives a clear image of the impressive pixel display. The processing speed of the device is improved by using Snapdragon 865 which is mostly used in many Xiaomi smartphones. This processor is mostly used in the leading smartphone that’s available in the market.

Mi 10 Ultra will be available in mainland China with a base price of  5,299 Yuan (around $760). As we know that Xiaomi is one of the companies which provide a handful of specification at affordable price. Along with this product, many other products are launched. The other products launched together with Mi 10 Ultra are 20W wireless charging pad, a 55W wireless charging stand, an ultra-thin OLED TV called Mi TV Lux.