Wonder Woman 3 Officially Announced, Director Patty Jenkins To Return For Sequel

wonder woman 3 spoilers

Hollywood superhero movies are always fascinating to watch. But whenever it comes to Wonder Woman, fans go crazy about the story, the cast, the visuals, and the action. This superhero film is based on DC comics characters, i.e., Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins is the director, and this is the sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman. After the success of the second film, the team announced the third film, whose production is currently underway. Jenkins already made their way out for Wonder Woman 3, but due to this pandemic, the release date got postponed. This lockdown affected the cinema industry very severely, but OTT platforms helped a lot. 

Wonder Woman 3 Announcement and a new Amazon Spin-Off Movie 

Wonder Woman 1984 was recently in 2020, and the movie managed to amaze the fans amid the difficult times. In Indian theatres, its streaming started on 24 December 2020. Just two days after the release of Wonder Woman 1984, an official announcement was made by Warner Bros for the upcoming Wonder Woman’s third installment. Toby Emmerich, chief of Warner Bros, said in a statement that viewers are highly impressed by Gal Gadot’s performance in Wonder Woman 1984, which was a great and successful start. The announcement of Wonder Woman 3 was indeed expected, but Warner Bros’ time for the announcement was too short and a bit shocking. The reviews of WW84 were also not that disappointing, and they were sufficient for the decision of making Wonder Woman 3.

Jenkins already planned an Amazon spin-off during the production of Wonder Woman 3. There is a lot more to explore as in the case of history and existing situation now as in the Amazons and the island of Themyscira in both parts of Wonder Woman. When Diana left the island, which has been explored in Wonder Woman 1984, spin-off movies will get started, and Maxwell Lord will bring the end of the world.

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Wonder Woman 3 release date
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 Plot

Wonder Woman 1984 begins with Diana Prince participating in an athletic competition. During that, she falls off her horse, and so she takes a shortcut. But, the moment she was about to win, her mother and aunt pulled her out of the competition so that they could tell her about the importance of truth. During the lecture, they said that no true hero is born from lies. Around 1984 that is roughly 60 years after the first film, Diana works in an institution in Washington as a senior anthropologist. She did her specialization in the culture of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Still, she continued to fight against crime as Wonder Woman. Diana worked in Washington DC at an institution in 1984. Besides, she always performed heroic deeds secretly as Wonder Woman. Barbara, eventually introduced as an ally, begins to envy Diana. She is a zoologist as well as a geologist. Both of them notice an artifact, which they identify as the Dreamstone. It had a Latin inscription which said that the person who will hold this would surely be granted with one wish. This story now moves ahead when Maxwell, also known as Max Lord, enters the plot. This is where the main action happens, and to know more, we advise you to watch the film.

Wonder Woman 2 Cast: Who might return in part 3?

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is played by Gal Gadot. She is an Amazon Princess and warrior. Steve Trevor by Chris Pine: His character is an American pilot, a spy from World War 1 and is the love interest of Diana. Barbara Minerva, played by Kristen Wiig: A geologist and gemologist who is very insecure and befriends Diana. This happens just before the event where she becomes imbued with abilities that gradually transform her into a superhuman. Maxwell Lord by Pedro Pascal: A businessman particularly famous for infomercials on TV and also is the founder of the Black Gold cooperative. Robin Wright as Antiope: She is Diana’s aunt and Hippolyta’s sister. Also, she is the General of the Amazon army. Hippolyta, played by Connie Nielsen: Diana’s mother and the queen of Themyscira. Gal Gadot confirmed to play the lead role and return as the title character in September 2017. In the process of casting, it was reported that the character of Cheetah Kristen Wiig was on the list. This news was made public on February 28, 2018. The character was the main villain of the film, and therefore, after a while, this news was confirmed by director Patty Jenkins the next month. Ed Indelicato, played by Pedro Pascal in 2011 Wonder Woman, got included in the list of the cast for an undisclosed role by March 28. However, later it was disclosed that he would be acting as Maxwell Lord. Jenkins on Twitter confirmed the return of Chris Pine on June 13 as Steve Trevor. Just the same as Pedro Pascal, on July 24, 2018, Natasha was confirmed to be a part of the cast, but her role was still undisclosed. Following her, Ravi Patel, along with Gabriella Wilde, became part of this cast. Not only this, their roles were still under wraps. For the role of Antiope and Hippolyta, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen were confirmed by late August.

We expect to see some of the familiar faces in the upcoming third installment.

Wonder Woman 1984 performance

Though many people prefer to watch it at home still, the film recorded shocking collections. In the opening weekend days, approximately 16.1 million tickets were sold, which was totally surprising among 2k plus theatres, although restrictions due to the pandemic and fear among people also affected the collection. So many Bollywood stars went to watch this film after its release on December 24. This is the sequel movie to the 2017 film Wonder Woman. The release date for this movie was postponed many times due to the pandemic, so the overwhelming response was comprehendible. As of now, there is no clear information leaked about the plot of Wonder Woman 3, but fans can rejoice in happiness as Diana Prince will be in the lead role again in the 3rd part.

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