Wizards Of Waverly Place! Reboot – David Henrie Says The Cast Is Ready

Disney was our childhood Netflix, and we can not deny that fact. We have spent hours binging Disney shows without even knowing what binge-watching meant back in those days. Wizards of Waverly Place is one of those shows; we spent hours watching. Wizards Of Waverly Place was an American sitcom that ran from 2007-2012. And, the reason behind this article is to share the good news.

The good news is that we might be getting a reboot of the popular show. Yesss! David Henrie, who played Justin Russo on the show recently, gave us all a green signal regarding the reboot. He also had some ideas for the show’s reboot. He shared his thoughts while promoting his upcoming directorial debut movie; This Is The Year.

So, let’s go ahead and know more about the possible return of the show:

Wizards of Waverly place

The Cast’s Thought On The Reboot

The 31-year-old actor and director opened up about the thoughts of other cast members on the reboot while promoting his film. He said, they [Gregg Sulkin, Selena Gomez and Jake t. Austin] has talked about it. And, they believe what made the show more unique and well known was that they were like a family. They were always doing stuff just like a family unit on set.

Wizards of Waverly place

According to sources, he also said that the right place to began the show again is to do the opposite version. Meaning, that the audience will have to go throughout the series just to experience the divided family, reunite once again. So, if you start the show, the family will be more divided and not united.

He also said that nothing is finalized yet. But, they do talk about different ideas all the time. So, it’s just about time.

Henrie’s Idea Of The Future

Henrie also shared his views on what the complete family will be engaged in in the future. He started with his own character, Justin. He said that Justin might have his own family now, and he must be busy with hid duties at the wiz world. For Alex (Selena), he said that she must be the Meryl Streep of the wizarding world. And Max (Jake) is like a sub-shop conglomerate, being the subway of sub-shops. So, basically, everyone is just doing their thing. Justin also dished on the fact that the cast of the show[Wizards Of Waverly Place] talks about the reboot all the time. Indeed, the possibility of getting one is really high.