With a Dog And a Cat, Every Day is Fun Episode 4 – Release Date And Recap

With A Dog And A Cat, Every Day Is Fun Anime

With a Dog And a Cat, Every Day is Fun Episode 4 is right around the corner, and honestly, it is one of the most refreshing anime that has come out in a while. This anime is just perfect for animal lovers who are sick of the complicated and lengthy shonen plots or the never actually finishing RomCom stories. The episodes are about 1-2 minutes long and are completely wholesome. So far, three episodes are out, and there is no continuity between episodes, so just pick an episode and just feel bliss for a minute of your life.

“With a Dog And a Cat, Every Day is Fun” Episode 3 | Recap

In the latest episode of “With a Dog And a Cat, Every Day is Fun,” we see the pet owner, Hidekichi Matsumoto, riding a cab while his grumpy cat is in its cage. The cat is being taken to a vet for its check-up and is throwing a hissy fit. Hidekichi is nervous that the cab driver might be annoyed because of the cat but thankfully, too was a cat person.

The cab driver then begins telling Hidekichi about how he used to have a cat and that cats were such smart creatures that they knew exactly when they were being taken to the vet. He recalls how his cat used to hate it when the cab driver used to leave for work and how it wanted him to stay back at home with it. While he’s telling all of this, as a viewer, it was an absolutely wonderful feeling to be listening to this. He then tells hints about the cat no longer being around. When he says that it lived for 23 years and never got sick, you could feel the sadness in the man’s voice showing how much he still cares for that cat.

With A Dog And A Cat, Every Day Is Fun Anime

In the end, Hidekichi asks the cab driver whether he’s thinking about adopting a new cat, but the man replies by saying that at this age, he’d most likely die before the cat, and thus he isn’t going to. He also begins to tell a sentence but never finishes it, and it goes something like, “That cat was so spoiled and selfish…” but Hidekichi understood what he meant. The man was implying that his old cat wouldn’t let him get a new cat, showing that even after it dies, the man still has a very special place for the cat in his heart.

“With a Dog And a Cat, Every Day is Fun” Episode 4 | Release Date

The 4th Episode of “With a Dog And a Cat, Every Day is Fun” will be releasing on the 24th of October 2020. The Anime Series can be streamed on the Official Website of Crunchyroll and the Crunchyroll app, so be sure to check it out.

The story follows the daily life of Hidekichi Matsumoto, who owns a cat and a dog, both of whom he loves a lot. However, the difference between the attitudes of the pets is as clear as day. The dog is just a ball of happiness that loves everything unconditionally, while the cat is more of a grumpy and moody character. The story features these pets in funny and relatable instances that all pet owners go through.

Be sure to check out the next episode, and as always, new articles about the Anime Series will be posted at the same time next week.

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