White Lines Cancelled After Just One Season – Here’s The Reason Why!

White Lines

Shows on Netflix are having a hard time. A lot of them are being canceled due to budget costs and the delay issues caused by the pandemic. And, British-Spanish drama, White Lines, has just joined the list. White Lines is created by Alex Pina. Pina has gained quite a name for himself because of his show, La Casa Da Papel (Money Heist). So, the fans had pretty high expectations from White Lines as well. Moreover, the show received many great reviews, but, sadly, it got dropped by Netflix.

White Lines is an amazing collaboration between British and Spanish cinema. The show has a lot of surprise elements involving murder mysteries and basically a tour of Ibiza. But, unfortunately, the story won’t continue anymore.

So, let’s go ahead and get to know the reason behind the cancellation:

White Lines Still

White Lines To Not Continue With A Sequel. Why?

The first season of the show got released in mid-May this year. Also, it was a hit as soon as it came out. But, suddenly, Angela Griffin and Daniel Mays informed that the show wouldn’t be returning for a sequel. Also, they have known this fact for 2 months now. Netflix still hasn’t reflected on this news by itself. And, it looks like only Netflix knows the reason behind its cancellation.

The cast of the show is in a confused state as well. Even they don’t know the reason behind the cancellation. Although the show did really well with its first season, we have to accept the fact that we won’t be getting another season.

Even though Netflix hasn’t talked about the ‘reasons’, co-star Daniel Mays has his own opinions. He says that there could be two factors. First, the show ended on a pretty good note with a closure. They found the killer and the mystery was solvers. Secondly, many projects are being turned down due to the pandemic. So, COVID can be another reason as well.

What’s the show all about?

The show spins around Zoe Walker, who goes to Ibiza after his brother’s disappearance. She later finds herself stuck in a murder mystery that involves his brother. After a lot of work and exploration, Walker finds out the killer. The show is a murder mystery and even though, it is canceled, you should watch it.

The show stars Laura Haddock as Zoe Collins, Nuno Lopes plays Duarte Silva, Marta Milans portrays Kika Calafat, and Daniel Mays plays Marcus Ward along with Angela Griffin who plays Anna Connor on the show.