Walmart Partnership With Instacart Over The Same-Day Grocery Delivery

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Walmart is partnering with the grocery delivery platform Instacart to provide one-day Prime delivery to its customers. This partnership is seen as a bid over its rival Amazon in delivering the product on the same day of order. The online e-commerce platform has enhanced to engage more customers providing additional discounts and several other attractive benefits. It’s estimated that each year the profit generated by the top online e-commerce store is more than 1 billion dollars. Amazon has been dominating the online e-commerce retail store in the US and major cities of Europe and Asia. Amazon has storing delivery networks, making it easily accessible to reach out for the customers on time without any time delay. Amazon has rolled out Prime membership, which has an additional benefit for its customers like one-day delivery, special discounts, access to pre-order sales.

Instacart has been currently working with major online e-commerce stores in and around the US. To enhance its delivery service the company has made a notable partnership agreement with Walmart. Instacart has a tie-up with major grocery chains like Kroger, Target, Aldi, Costco, and Albertsons. Other than these large online platforms they also have a partnership with smaller chain stores like Wegmans and pharmacies, Walmart has agreed to have a partnership with Instacart after analyzing their response from the current ongoing partnership program from Walmart-owned Sam’s Club. It’s said that this agreement will remain intact even after the major partnership agreement gets approved.

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Meanwhile, Amazon has been working to establish its own grocery delivery network. This partnership program will keep the two giant companies in the online e-commerce business to compete over the dame day delivery network. Prime membership along with its fast-growing logistics network, the company could able to deliver all kinds of grocery items similar to retailers like Walmart. Amazon has appointed a panel of experts in analyzing the pros and cons that are involved in same-day delivery. A strong logistics network forms the basic and important aspects of delivering products within a short span of time.

Soon after the outbreak of coronavirus, it’s evident that online platforms are the next-generation technology that makes life easier. Walmart linking with Instacart is seen as a competition for the rival Amazon in delivering grocery products. This deal might help Walmart in online ordering business and also having a strong delivery network. Most of the Walmart stores have been closed for more than three months due to the global lockdown and local government restrictions. In order to improve their business and adapt to the next generation standard, the company has opted to deliver through online business.

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This partnership will bring a new lot of products to the doorstop by ordering through their android application. Through this partnership program, an individual can get groceries, electronic gadgets. alcohol, personal care products, medicine, and a lot more. It’s expected that Walmart might provide some extra discounts to engage more customers during their initial stages.