Volvo’s Polestar Specification And Feature

Volvo Polestar 2
Volvo Polestar 2 Image

Volvo has come up with another version of its electric car which has some important features designed by Google. Its claimed that this first electric vehicle which is controlled by the brain, that’s exclusively powered by Google. The native android application used in designing the software of the electric vehicle will control features like music, air conditioning based on natural conditions. Google assistance feature is included in the car which doesn’t require hand gestures to communicate with the machine, an individual can control or change the settings by their voice command operations. The car operated under the internet control which gets information from Google’s server while looking for the route directions. If you prefer to use the offline maps to display the directional routes, you can download the maps and process while driving.

Volvo Polestar lacks an attractive infotainment system like what we experience in Tesla models. These display fails to provide complete information about the vehicle, where the individual has to run across various other options to known about the vehicle. The EV could able to deliver the expected power during the acceleration. The advanced driver-assist system which is included in the car gets help from the Google native android doesn’t look great enough to meet the current generation demand like what we experience in Tesla Autopilot. if the motive is to complete with model 3 which is considered as the most selling EV in North America, Polestar definitely has to undergo some serious changes and upgrades.

The first generation vehicle of Volvo Polestar was considered costlier for its features that it was released earlier.  The 600 horsepower produced by a four-cylinder engine was capable enough to produce massive power. There is not any official information about the price details of the electric vehicle. Considering the cost of the first generation Volvo Polestar which was quite around  $155,000, we can able to get an idea about the second generation Electric Vehicle. It’s leaked that Volvo Polestar 3 which comes under the compact SUV will tend to have a new SPA2 all-electric platform. Polestar 2 is considered as the first electric car which was designed by the Volvo Car Group. The specification details about the electric vehicle have been reported a year before and don’t seem to have much difference from what they have announced earlier.

Volvo’s Polestar 2 comes with the 78kWh battery capacity which is decent enough to hold power backup for a trip. Its claimed that on a single charge the car can reach 291 miles without any need for any intermediate charging, this clearly gives an idea over the battery capacity of the electric vehicle. The horsepower of the EV has been considerably increased to 408 where the first generation of this model comes with the much lesser horsepower. This is seen as a significant improvement in the second generation polestar which thereby increases the power of the vehicle. The manufacturer assures that the vehicle could able to reach 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. The thing which satisfies is the exterior outer body design is that the vehicle comes with the sedan model.

The body of the electric vehicle is designed upon the Volvo XC40 platform which varies widely with competent electric vehicle manufacturers like Audi E-Tron and Mercedes. If your someone who hasn’t used Andriod devices in your lifetime, Google assistance will help you understand the basic functionalities on how the personal assistant will work on the android devices. Adding voice assistance to the electric vehicle has enabled the potential to endless features through the internet.