Uma Musume Pretty Derby TV Anime 2nd Season Announced

Anime Series "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" Will Be Returning For It's Second Season In 2021.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2

On Tuesday on the Poka Live TV Vol. 1 Live Stream Program, it was announced that the Multimedia franchise “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” will be receiving a Second Season for its Anime Series. The Anime is set to premiere in 2021, and the Promotional Video along with a Key Visual, has also been released.

The First Season of the anime series “Uma Musume Pretty Derby,” which premiered on the 1st of April, was handled by Studio P.A.Works and was Directed by Kei Oikawa. The Script for the series was written by both Masafumi Sugiura and Akihiro Ishihara along with Yousuke Kabashima, who had taken care of the Characters Designs and was the Chief Animation Director.


The Cast For The First Season Included:

Azumi Waki (Known for voicing the role of Maika Sakuranomiya from Blend S ) who voiced the character of Special Week.

Marika Kōno (Known for voicing the role of Mizuki Yuiga from We Never Learn! ) who voiced the character of Silence Suzuka.

Machico (Known for voicing the role of Hikari Kokura from Rifle is Beautiful) who voiced the character of Tōkai Teiō.

Kōji Okino (Known for voicing the role of Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu from My Hero Academia) who voiced the character of the Trainer.

The “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” manga also Inspired a Spin-off manga series titled “UmaYon” which also received a 12 episode anime Adaptation back in July. Cygames is also developing a mobile game based on the Uma Musume Pretty Derby franchise for both Android and iOS, but it has been delayed before but is set to release this year.

From October 4th, the Season 1 of Uma Musume Pretty Derby will rerun in Japan on the channels Tokyo MX and BS11. The Poka Live TV Program will be returning for its Vol. 2 in December.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2

Uma Musume Pretty Derby – What’s it About?

The Story is set in a world where horse racing has taken a new leaf with the rise of Horse Girls, who look like regular girls but have horse ears and tails along with horse-like endurance and strength. This story is about a High school horse girl, Special Week, who after making a promise with her mother to become the best horse girl in all of Japan leaves for Tokyo to attend Tracen Academy. Special Week upon coming across the horse girl Silence Suzuka is completely mesmerized and wants to be on the same team as her.

Source via The Official Twitter Account Of The Anime Series