Types of Pokemon Games to be Released In 2021 – All We Know So Far

Pokemon Games

Standing in early January this new year, we, as die-hard Pokemon fans, are all wondering one single thing. We are not counting our new year gifts. We have plenty of them. We are wondering what new games can be released from Game Freak in 2021. For us, Pokémon is our religion, and gaming is life.

In 2020, we as players got a variety of content to explore. They comprised DLC expansions for Pokémon: Sword and Shield, and it included three more releases: Pokémon HomePokémon Café Mix, and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. In short, 2020 was quite busy in terms of Pokémon game series releases. And 2021 is going to be more exciting for all of us.

Game releases invite speculation. This time it’s about a possible remake of the 2006 main series games- Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Mind you, the developers have confirmed nothing as of now. But leaks and rumors have come to our rescue. They point out that the possible remake is a part of Game Freak’s 2021 lineup.

Why will we be interested in this remake? Due to the action-based experience, it’s promising for us. For such an experience, the remakes have to come closer to the original game series. We are looking forward to more updates.

What Are New Updates on Fresh Pokémon Games To Be Released in 2021?

Pokemon Games
Pokemon Games in 2021

As it’s is already clear, we are no ordinary Pokémon Fans, so we don’t get swayed by speculations. Don’t worry either; we have concrete game release news as well. The Pokémon Company has revealed a teaser this past summer for a reboot of Nintendo’s 64’s Pokémon snap. It’s a new game and does not have a fixed release date yet. But even COVID doesn’t have a fixed farewell date; still, we did survive the 2020 scare. So, you have no reasons to worry.

The New Pokémon Snap Game had a mid-2020 announcement through a blockbuster teaser. This allows us to guess the Nintendo Switch Release sometime in mid-2021.

Now, you might be curious about the nature of the game. We are still not clear whether the new game is a reimagining, a true remake, or an entirely new title.

Next comes the main game loop of this brand new Snap game. We find it’s quite the same as the original with subtle changes like the players traveling through habitats to capture Pokémon images in the wild.

What More New Pokémon Releases in 2021?

Pokemon Games in 2021
Upcoming Games in 2021

If you think that New Pokémon Snap is the only 2021 release, it’s time to reveal more secrets. The name of the second new game is Pokémon Unite. It’s a Free-To-Play MOBA, and you can play the game on Switch, iOS, and Android devices. The game has a lot of commercial value for the developers. Critics comment that this game “has the potential to be a mobile cash-trap full of microtransactions.”

But one thing is the same for both 2021 new Pokémon games. There is no set release date, and your wait to enter the gaming arena might extend to mid-2021. Let’s see how the developers can sway the fans to become excited about its launch.

Why 2021 is special for Pokémon

We again wish everyone a very prosperous New Year! 2021 will surely wash away all the troubles we faced in 2020. From a Pokémon perspective, 2021 is their 25th Anniversary since their existence. For fans like you and me, we can expect some exciting announcements from Game Freek, who are surely looking to celebrate the Jubilee grandly. Let’s see how Pokémon games find their awesome releases among leak stories.

Let’s recap what we have said so far. Pokémon fans have a reason to be excited this new year. We have credible rumors regarding two potential game remakes: Pearl and Pokémon Diamond. We are looking forward to these remakes as they offer promise to the fans.

Then, we have a new Pokémon Snap Game. This Snap Game appears to be the same as the original game. But there is one exception. Players can travel through habitats to capture Pokémon images in the wild.

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